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If you are a Lab, Hemp Processor or Hemp Buyer wanting to find Quality, Tested hemp, CBD Oil, Organic and vetted producers, then you will find this marketplace an easy and simple solution for finding quality hemp producers.

Category – Hemp Flower

Grower Description:
Experienced Farmers with degrees in Horticulture

Date Available – January 1- 2020
Category – Hemp Flower
Product type – Hemp Flower – 5 Strains
Grow Space – Outdoor Grow- 20 acres, Indoor Grow – Seeds, Clones
Grow Quality – Using organic practices and tested pesticide free. ( 1 year to certified organic.)
Plant Size – 6-10 feet in height
Plant Testing – Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) – COAS for all strains
Grow State – Tennessee

Last Update – March 5-2020
Inventory Quantity available – 110 Lbs

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